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Re: Thank You Kemi For Getting me A Caring Man--Testimony by sweethoney12(f) : 8:04 pm On Nov 07

wow am happy for u

Re: ECHOng members, Can You Do a 'No S*x' Relationship? by sweethoney12(f) : 12:01 am On Nov 12

its possible beside s*x bfr marriage is a big sin bfr God..we all know the goal of every relationship is marriage..many of us find ourself in more than 1 relationship bfr we finally meet our ribs..if dts d case which means u mst av been tested so many times bfr u finally find ur ribs

Re: ECHOng members, Can You Do a 'No S*x' Relationship? by sweethoney12(f) : 12:02 am On Nov 12

its possible beside s*x bfr marriage is a big sin bfr God..we all know the goal of every relationship is marriage..many of us find ourself in more than 1 relationship bfr we finally meet our ribs..if dts d case which means u mst av been tested so many times bfr u finally find ur ribs

Re: Click Here To See The Faces of Latest Members (Introduction Thread) by sweethoney12(f) : 8:51 am On Nov 13

am kayinsola,from lag...cool,loving and fun to be with

kanyinsola by sweethoney12(f) : 2:29 am On Nov 15

No sex, no money who will suffer? Boy or girlhuh

kaffy spit fire on dancers 'you all are ingrate' by sweethoney12(f) : 6:51 pm On Nov 15

Dance queen, Kaffy has responded to the media jibe by dancer, Micheal Omani who took to his Facebook page to release a video in which he said that the dance queen deserves every ill treatment meted out on her and other dancers.

Micheal Omani had in his Facebook video called Kaffy an Evil Queen adding that she’s an hypocrite who took a swipe at Davido for the media attention.

In response to the jibe, Kaffy said: “I really want to use this medium to address the so called maltreatment allegations of dancers that has been in circulation!

It is a pity that it is the same People u fight for with clients for countless hours at meetings . Dancers who mostly get jobs out of the relentless hours of conviction and negotiations not to talk of back and forth that goes on with various deals and clients in order to secure them jobs while they sit at home waiting for a call by we leaders in dance that they are insulting today , in this case am the king pin EVIL QUEEN.

You see it is easy for people to see u on top and wish for your position but they are never ready to take the pain and Sacrifice required to get there. A dancer that started today want to earn the same as people that are more experienced and skillful than him just because they stand side by side at rehearsals grounds.
I am a victim of my Humanity and Humility . It is emotional attachment to want to help as many people as possible that has caused me bigger problems in my life but I can’t change what God is using me for just because of persecution.

They say I pur 50 people in a room

Top signs you are in LUST not LOVE by sweethoney12(f) : 9:04 pm On Nov 15

Lust and love have a thin line of difference and many couples often get confused as to what relationship they are in. Let us advice you now that if you are in a relationship because of the lust factor, there is no way that this connection is going to last a lifetime.

However, if it is simply a phase and an infatuation, there is no harm in having a genuine “friend with benefit” partner. But, if you are still confused about the thin line
of lust and love, here are some of the signs to show that you’re in lust and not in love, why don’t you take a peek to realisation:

1.No Room For Intimacy: When there is no room for intimacy and love, you are surely in a relationship that deals with hardcore
sex and nothing else. Intimacy is important when you are in love, it is that kind of element that makes you fall in love in the first place.

2.There Is No Friendship: When a couple falls in love, there is a soft note of friendship between you two. However, when this friendship fails to exist, it is nothing but lust that the two of you share.

3.More Passion No Stability: Stability is the key to making a relationship work. If that lacks, there is no relationship to call your own. Passion does exist in relationships too, but when there is only pleasure and no feelings, your relationship
is based only in the bed.

4.Focus Is On Being Physical!: If your focus on each other is only about getting physical and not dealing with the heart, it is a crucial sign that you’re in lust and not in love.

5.When Your Hands Need To Touch: If your hands and your bodies need to touch constantly to feel your presence, you are in a lust kind of a romance, which is not good.

Ladies: Don’t Be Nervous! These Are 10 Tips To Impress Your Boyfriend’s parent by sweethoney12(f) : 9:50 pm On Nov 16

Most ladies are scared of meeting their boyfriend’s parents for the first time for obvious reasons. However, these are certain tips to destroy your fear and impress them.

1. Dress appropriately
First impression may not be the last, but it does leave a lasting image. Reserve those $exy clothes for dates, and go for something more old-school. At the same time, you don’t have to dress to the dimes. A pretty kurta teamed with tights is your safest options. The look is simple and chic.

2.Take a gift along: It’s your first time at their place. You don’t want to go empty-handed. Parents want to feel respected for their position. So take some time out from your schedule, and go gift shopping with your guy. Buy them something they would use or need. Don’t opt for something exorbitant or fancy. Like your clothes, keep the gift simple. You don’t want it to come across like a bribe.

3. Go prepared
The aim of this meeting is to win the parents over. Treat it like a job interview. Do your homework. If you can, find out more about them in advance. Get a sense of the family’s culture. Ask your boyfriend about their likes and dislikes, so that you know what direction to veer your conversation in.

4.. Let them do the talking: Once you’ve exchanged the pleasantries, follow their cues and let them start the talking. Avoid being overfriendly or too restrained. Sit back, and learn more about your ‘to-be’ through them. Once you have warmed up sufficiently, start sharing stuff about yourself. Although you may be awkward in a situation like this, you don’t want them to think you are withholding information. A good idea is to rehearse a mock conversation with your boyfriend.

5. Spare the man: chances are that most of your conversation will revolve around the boy. Sharing stories and wanting to know more about him can be tempting, but see to it that you don’t get together with his parents and pick on him. His parents might want you to spill the beans about his quirks, but respect him and avoid it.

6. Don’t be a know-it-all: So, you know everything from the colour of his favourite shirt to how he loves mixing sauce with anything that he eats. Good for you. But don’t be Miss Blah-Blah in front of his parents. Understand that they know him better than you. Families can get fiercely protective. Even if you’re truly-madly-deeply in love, they’ll feel like they’ve got years on you. So relax, and go with the flow.

7. Refrain from PDA: Sit next to your guy, but avoid holding hands. Don’t even think about cuddling. Sure, their parents aren’t stupid and know that the two of you may have been up to mischief. But don’t flash it in their face. Be graceful.

8. Watch his ways: He may not be the otherwise loony-puppy-in-love around his parents. Instead, he may behave like a tantrum-throwing teenager. As long as he isn’t being a B.rat, you can relax. However, if he’s being too evasive or mean to you, have a chat with him post the rendezvous, and tell him that you didn’t appreciate his behavior. It’s important that he treats you well in front of his parent.

Ignore the ex-factor: Okay, so they may have been completely smitten by one of his ex-girlfriends. Perhaps, your guy even brought her home. But don’t be too bothered. It’s the story of his past and doesn’t matter anymore. If his folks bring it up, don’t dig too much. Smile and simply change the subject. He loves you and they love him.

10. Another chance: And if you don’t hit it off with them at the outset, don’t beat yourself black and blue about it. Give them the benefit of doubt. Perhaps, like you, they too were shy and needed time to open up. Remember, there’s always a second chance.

Why Lagos ‘garri’ thief was lynched – Lawyer by sweethoney12(f) : 11:01 pm On Nov 18

As Nigerians grapple with the gory details surrounding the lynching of a young man for allegedly stealing garri, a legal practitioner, whose account went viral on Thursday claimed the victim and his gang tried to dispossess a woman of her belonging.
Kingsley Ughe, General Counsel for Joint Action Aids, in a Facebook post titled, ‘A Thief and A Frenzied Mob Baying for Blood,’ said the victim was a member of a gang of notorious thieves and not a seven-year-old boy, as claimed by media reports.
He explained that the young man met the dastardly end after his gang tried to dispossess a woman of her belongings, including an Infinix Note 2, at Augustine Onwualu street, Orile Iganmu, Lagos last Saturday.

The woman, however, held unto her phone and screamed for help.

Read Ughe’s account below

The true account of the young man lynched and summarily burnt to death at Orile Iganmu last Saturday speaks of the uncertainty and brevity of human life in Nigeria. It was Saturday, the 11th day of November 2016. The venue of this macabre killing orgy was at Augustine Onwualu Street, Orile Iganmu, Lagos.
A woman, (name withheld) was walking along the ever busy road of Augustine Onwualu street, Orile Iganmu. She had an Infinix Hotnote 2 handset with which she was making telephone calls in high pitched voice, frantically gesticulating in the process. Close by, on the same street were a gang of 4 notorious thieves, well known in the area for their dare devilry and viciousness. They were there, waiting, prowling and surveying the entire scenery for a vulnerable victim to rob and dispossessed of their valuables as they often do in the past. And successfully too.
“The woman approached. Still talking on the phone and gesticulating with her free arm. She was immediately spotted by the very perceptive eyes of this criminal gang. A brief conference amongst them, she was adjudged a soft target. There was no need for further plans or careful surveillance. After all they had done this successfully in the past. More so, their sheer ferocity makes them a sort of feared mobster in the local vicinity. But it turned out to be a miscalculation. And costly one at that!

“They approached and circled the woman who was oblivious of her surrounding and the imminent attack on her person. The robbery attack was swift and very decisive. She was held from behind by two members of the gang. One of them deftly pruned her hand bag off her shoulder and the same time attempted to retrieved the telephone with which she was making calls from her other arm. The last of the gang stood guard, providing cover for the others.

“They had during their planning stage misjudged the desperation of a Nigerian woman about to be dispossessed. The victim reacted swiftly. She let the hand free and held on tenaciously to her phone. A struggle ensued. The victim plaintively cried out for help. A motley crowd gathered. The other members of the gang, appropriately appraising the situation fled the scene. The fourth member was not so lucky. He continued to engage in an internecine struggle with victim for the phone. In desperation, he brought out a dagger, and cold blooded stabbed the woman repeatedly in the chest, stomach and shoulder. There is a proverb, when a strong animal flirts too much with the trap, he makes his meat available for children to share with teeth.
“The gathered crowd became enraged and promptly apprehended the abandoned thief. He was beaten to stupor, Tied up and set ablaze while the maddening crowd continued to bay for his blood.

“Joint Action Aid was alerted on Monday when video clips of the dastardly murder went viral on social media. We reported the yet another resort to “jungle justice” to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos state. The video clips were carefully analysed and some arrest made. The six people arrested through our efforts denied criminal culpability and brought fast talking lawyers.
“More frustrating, the charred remains of the alleged thief had been removed. The area council and Orile Iganmu police claimed ignorance of the whereabouts of the corpse. Thus we have a dead zone situation. No dead body, no witnesses and then, most understandably, an unwilling complainant still battling for survival from the grievous multiple stabbing at the hospital. We returned back to the office, again defeated. Frustrated. And defeated.The rule of law is vanquished again. The rule of the jungle continues to win triumphantly.

Can you sleep with your blood sister like this? by sweethoney12(f) : 1:26 am On Nov 20

Lols this is Beyond me.....Pals help me with D answer!
Is there anything Wrong if a Guy sleep with his Blood Sister like this?

How many times should I have s*x a month? by sweethoney12(f) : 5:34 am On Nov 20

What's d ideal numbers of tyms to s*x in a month. ..and y? let's be real in our post thnks

"how i fell into temptation which lead to my greatest regret " by sweethoney12(f) : 7:29 am On Nov 21

“President! President!! President!!! She screamed at the
top of her voice. She needed to discuss some issues
troubling her with her school fellowship president. She
was sure everything will work out as soon as she
discuss with him. She ran towards his direction and
never stopped calling on him.
Solomon heard someone calling him from afar,he
stopped and looked back. With the look on the face of
the sister calling him, he was sure everything wasn’t
okay with her.. She caught up with him,she was
panting and sweating…
“Good evening sir, I am sorry for disturbing you sir, I
just have some issues I need to discuss with you sir.
Oh! My name is Aderayo sir, yes I know you don’t know
me, I am just a member of the fellowship.”
“Okay,sister Aderayo, well,you are not disturbing
me,its my duty to listen to every member of the
fellowship. What is the matter? Is it a discussion we
can go through while standing? Solomon asked.
“No sir, its quite long. I know its late already,it is
almost 6pm,but sir I won’t have rest until I say it out”.
Aderayo replied almost in tears.
Solomon thought for a while and said. “Alright then,
let’s sit over there (pointing to alog of wood not far off)
…. “I am all ears sister Aderayo”
“I will try to make it snappy sir”, she replied,trying her
best to compose herself. Aderayo narrated how she
had always being molested by her step father ever
since her mother got married to him when she was
just age 12. She explained how she was forced to take
an oath never to tell anyone.
Aderayo lost all the courage she had and kept the
molestation a secret,now as an undergraduate,she has
been finding it difficult to avoid se.x,she is never okay
until she meets with a guy at least four times a week.
She became addicted to it that she self-serviced
herself when there is no guy in view. She found it
more difficult to stick to a guy because she is never
satisfied…. Aderayo ended her story amidst tears and
asked for a way out.. She needed to be free….
Solomon listened to all her story without
interruption,as the fellowship president,he had heard
a lot of strange stories,he is always there to help them
overcome their problems.
“Hmmm, I am so sorry for all you’ve passed through
sister Aderayo, don’t worry,since you’ve come unto God
to ask for a way out,He will definitely help you. The
first step is,you need to become more dedicated to
God’s work. I will want you to always attend the
fellowship,during the week and sundays too.. Make
sure you answer the altar call next sunday.. Join a
work force and leave everything to God”. He paused
and then continued, “the Lord will see you through, let
us pray….
“Wow! Sister Aderayo,I am so happy with your
activities in the house of God, I am extra sure God is
happy with you as well,just keep up the good work. The
song you took today was really powerful,and everyone
was touched. I felt the presence of God in our midst as
you sang”. Solomon praised with all smiles.
“Thank you sir,all glory belongs to God,and I am very
grateful for all your assistance,may God reward you”.
Aderayo replied,joy written all over her face.
“All thanks to God sister, just keep holding unto Him
alone. He will surprise you abundantly”. Solomon
“Who is that? I am coming! Solomon half shouted as he
heard a knock at the door of his a room self contain on
a cool evening… “Ha! Sister Aderayo, how are you
doing? Please come in…….. I hope all is well?”
“All is well sir, I just brought you some food sir,and to
assist with some chores”.
“Food! Wow,that’s so thoughtful of you,thank you. But
there are no chores left. I have done them all in the
morning,thanks for the kind gesture”. Solomon replied.
“Okay then,just take the food, I will come for the plate
tomorrow”. Aderayo responded and left before he
could decline.
“Sister Aderayo,thanks for coming, you’ve been
bringing me food for the past one week, I am suddenly
becoming lazy to cook these days. Thanks for assisting
with my chores as well.”
“It’s nothing sir, I jst chose to, its my own way of
appreciating you”.
*her days were numbered, and she knew this was the
last chance she has to complete her assignment. Her
charms were enough to make a man fall,but Solomon
is just so stubborn and full of the spirit. But then,she
must fulfill her mission… Aderayo drew closer to him,
held his gaze and pushed him to the single bed in his
room. Yes! This was it.
Solomon lost control of his body as he felt warmth on
his lips…
“God! What have I donehuh Why am I so stupidhuh Ha
father I am sorry… Ha!!! God!!! Whyhuh?? Why me Godhuh
Why do I have to fall O Lordhuh? Solomon wept as he
recalled all that happened ten minutes ago. He can’t
believe he just had se.x with Aderayo. What was he
thinking? She left immediately after the
incident,leaving him more troubled… How would he
face her in churchhuh
It’s been two weeks and he had not seen her
around,both in church and outside. He forgot the
incident and continued in the Lord. He won more souls
and everyone looked up to him. He was filled with
“Doctor! Please will he be alright? He keeps loosing
blood..the more blood he takes,the more he looses.
Doctor I am scared”. Solomon’s mother cried as she
watched her only son turn into a living skeleton before
her. After being brought home from school,he was yet
to improve.
“Madam, he will…. *he was cut short by Solomon’s fast
and heavy breathing…before he could stabilize
him,Solomon breathed his last.
*The news. Of Solomon’s death spread all around the
campus like wild fire, everyone wept for the gone
hero…Lots of good words were said about him,
everyone believed he went to heaven, that was the
only consolation they had. The school fellowship pillar
has gone*.
“Where am I? Why is everywhere so dark? What’s
happening? What am I doing here? Somebody answer
*there was sudden lightness,and he saw a man in
white..sitting on a bright shining throne*
“So-lo-mon! So-lo-mon!! So-lo-mon!!! Why did you
forsake me? Why did you allow yourself to be tempted?
Why did you allow the devil to mock you? Why did you
forget all my teachings! Why have you sinned against
the Holy Spirit?
“Ha! Father! I served you all my life. I won souls to
your kingdom. I never departed from your words. I was
a light to all. I preached the gospel everywhere and
anywhere. I was a force to reckon with. I healed the
sick in your name. The dead came to life .. Father,how
have I forsaken you?
“Solomon, yes you did all these in my name,and
heaven rejoices over every soul you won. But you gave
yourself to sin. You committed fornication,and all you
did was to cry. You never confessed your sins before
me or men. You forgot about it all. You stood on my
altar with your sinful body. You saw temptation
coming and you didn’t flee….. Aderayo was only sent to
destroy your ministry, because you have caused havoc
in her kingdom… Don’t you know the devil is always
around,waiting for the perfect time to strike?. He waits
for the fall of men like you,who are threats to his
kingdom. He is always alert for loopholes,and you gave
it to him.
“Aderayo took time to get into you,and you allowed
her. She destroyed you by the covenant you had with
her.. Or have you forgotten every intercourse is a
covenant? If only you had confessed all and repented
fully….. Solomon…..
“But Father! You saw it all! I cried! I regretted it,why
should I confess again? You were there! God! It was
just once.. I never did it again!
“Yes! I saw it all,but all I wanted was your confession,
you kept it all to yourself.. It was once,but that was all
the devil needed to nail you. Solomon! You have sinned
against the Holy throne…and you have committed all
sins,for if you defile one commandment,you have
defiled all…. Go away before me you sinner! I do not
know you….
*immediately,Solomon saw beasts coming to get
him,he was being dragged into the lake of fire. He
cried the more and begged God for forgiveness.
“Father! Save me!!! Have mercy on me!!! I am sorry! I
never knew there was more!! I served you all my life! I
won souls for you… Help meee!!!!!!!
. Brothers and Sisters, it may be that you still do the miracles, go for evangelism, and do all manner of service to God, but always make sure that you are still standing on the track to heaven. The devil is so trickish, he can lay a 20yrs plan for a child of God and waits for the right time to strike. Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devils.(Eph 6:10-11) Please, let's not be carried away by the things we do for God, because, surely we will be rewarded, but let us always look inward to see if we have faulted in any way, because if anyone did not make heaven, though he worked, but his rewards won't be given him. Therefore, let him that thinketh he stands take heed lest he falls.

*A QUESTION FOR US TO DELIBERATE ON" by sweethoney12(f) : 8:25 am On Nov 21

"ZAYNAB said to her husband: honey did you remember Zhulaikah that my old Ukty we graduated together?
Yes, Responded YUSUF, what happen to her he asked?
Nothing,responded ZAYNAB, just that I feel for her she's 33years now but yet to get husband.
YUSUF. SubuhanAllah, may ALLAH provide good Muslim to marry her.
ZAYNAB =Amin, honey but you are a good Muslim brother can you please bring her in.
YUSUF =YOU mean I should marry her as second wifehuh
ZAYNAB = Yes honey, please help her am ready to welcome her as my sister because, the *Prophet* said you are not a believer until you wish for others what you wish for yourself.....
My question goes to the sisters can you accept this or can you advice your zawju (husband) to do thishuh
*Please be sincere.*

10 COMMANDMENTS FOR SINGLE LADIES!!! by sweethoney12(f) : 1:31 am On Nov 22

1. Never fail to pray before saying
yes to a man. Don't be in a hurry to get married. If you rush in, you may rush out with alot of injuries!

2. Discover Your Purpose before
marriage. Go To School Or Learn A Trade. Don't wait for a man before
you start living. Add value to
yourself. Have a

3. Don't run after a man because
of his money,
cars, connection, position, talent,
or family
background. Marry a
man base on the conviction of the
Holy Spirit
and Love.

4. Develop a healthy eating habit.
Don't be too
fat that single men begin to think
you are
married. It takes discipline to do

5. Dress well: First Impression
counts. Don't
expose any of your private part
for men to see
otherwise you might only attract a
player not a
responsible man.

6. Don't beg or force a man to
marry you. You
are too precious to do that. And
don't try to
hook and keep a guy
with s*x or unwanted pregnancy.
Many ladies
who do that end up in shame and

7. Your character is your
marriage. It
makes a man want to spend the
rest of his life
with you. So Work on your
character. Beauty is
not everything. If it is all you have,
you'll lose
your place to someone more
beautiful and
more matured than you.

8. Never fail to learn how to cook
good food.
Men usually love a woman who
feed them with good food because one of the easiest way to a man's
heart is through
stomach (good food)

9. Never fail to read at least 20
books on marriage & family before your wedding. The marriage you don't prepare for will confuse
you when you get there.

10. Attend marriage seminar and
premarital counselling before marriage.

shocking news!!! "Asuu extend the nationwide strike by 1 month" by sweethoney12(f) : 8:48 pm On Nov 22

The Academic Staff Union of Universities has directed its members nationwide to commence a one-month additional warning effect strike to commence from Wednesday, November 23 to protest the non-implementation of its 2009 agreement with the Federal Government.

According to ASUU, the strike action will be “total and comprehensive”, adding that while it lasted, there would be no teaching, examinations and attendance of meetings in any of its branches.

The union said it would be going on strike over part payment of salaries, non-payment of subventions and the inability of the Federal Government to provide funds for the revitalisation of public varsities, among other reasons.

The union also accused government of allegedly turning the establishment of universities into constituency projects to score a political point.

The National President of ASUU, Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, while unfolding the plans for the protest, at a press conference after its emergency National Executive Council meeting in Abuja, on Monday, said several efforts to get the government to respect the terms of their agreement had been unsuccessful.

Ogunyemi said, “Our members across the nation are worried that six months after the meeting with the minister of education and a series of letters to amplify the need to respect the spirit and letters of the 2009 agreement and the 2013 Memorandum of Understanding, there has been no tangible results of the issues raised.

“This failure puts ASUU leadership in a severe difficulty responding to enquiries from members of the union about the state of affairs in our engagement with the Federal Government. Following a nationwide consultation with our members, the NEC of ASUU rose from its meeting on Sunday, November 20 with a resolution to ;embark on a one- week warning strike starting from Wednesday November 23 2016.

“The nationwide strike action is total and comprehensive. While it lasts, there shall be no teaching, no examination and no attendance of statutory meeting of any kind in any of our branches.”

He also said the licensing of more universities by the National Universities Commission will not solve the challenge of quality education.

Copyright PUNCH.
All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

Asuu debunked information as regard extention of strike by 1 month as earlier said by sweethoney12(f) : 1:41 am On Nov 23

*Oasis Media Update*

*ASUU to end Strike Tonight*

Academic Staff Union of Universities will tonight end it's *National ONE-WEEK WARNING STRIKE*
Consequently, lectures resumes *Tomorrow 23rd Nov,2016...*
Oasis correspondent while chatting with A top ASUU member in A University,he further described as false social media report that ASUU will embark on One month strike tomorrow 23rd Nov 2016..
He said "We're not embarking on another strike as passed around on social media, we have procedures to follow if there will be another strike which will be indefinite.."..
The University Don confirmed on going negotiations between the National Assembly (Senate) and the Executives of the National body of the Union led by Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi..

#Oasis Media.
*We break the news...*

Highbeekay standing



_*ASUU Ends Warning Strike, Orders Lecturers Back To Class*_

The Academic Staff Union of Universities on Tuesday confirmed that it had ended its one week nationwide warning strike over the non- implementation of a 2009 agreement with the Federal Government.

The President of ASUU , Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, who said this in Abuja, urged lecturers to return to work. “We are making progress, especially with the intervention of the Senate. In the next one or two meetings, if we are able to get a clear path to the matter, we will avoid elongation of the strike action.

“I have been receiving these reports that ASUU says strike continues. No. The strike ends today (Tuesday). All lecturers are to go back to work Wednesday morning.”

_According to him, ASUU was hopeful of a positive outcome, going by the response coming from the Federal Government



_*ASUU Ends Warning Strike, Orders Lecturers Back To Class*_

The Academic Staff Union of Universities on Tuesday confirmed that it had ended its one week nationwide warning strike over the non- implementation of a 2009 agreement with the Federal Government.

The President of ASUU , Prof. Biodun Ogunyemi, who said this in Abuja, urged lecturers to return to work. “We are making progress, especially with the intervention of the Senate. In the next one or two meetings, if we are able to get a clear path to the matter, we will avoid elongation of the strike action.

“I have been receiving these reports that ASUU says strike continues. No. The strike ends today (Tuesday). All lecturers are to go back to work Wednesday morning.”

_According to him, ASUU was hopeful of a positive outcome, going by the response coming from the Federal Government

SHOCKING STORY!!!! by sweethoney12(f) : 5:11 am On Nov 24

A guy slept off while waiting for his roommate, he
keeps late night. As he tried turning around, a
huge dark figure with flamy eyes opened his
door, he wanted to scream but all strength was
gone. Was it a dream or vision? He cant tell. It
stared deep into his eyes and handed him a
letter, he opened it.........
Dear Jude,
I couldn't make it home last night because I
died. I thought life after death is an elusion but
am here lonely and afraid in pains and in
torments The torture is unending, I cant explain
it but am dying a thousand times in a second.
You never told me this place was for real and
how to avoid it. We grew up together, went to
school together and did everything in common
but you never told me about this new life of
yours. I asked you severally and you jokingly
pushed it aside. I was a good man with a
charitable heart but that didn't count here. The
angel told me, am without Christ and my name is
not in the book of life. I asked you yesterday
morning whats this born again stuff and you said
you don't want to bore me. Am in pains, can you
hear the screams, the torments of the great and
the less, I was told its for eternity.
You betrayed our friendship, you never told me
sex was fornication but you cautioned me
against AIDS, you never told me getting high was
drunkenness, you just told me not to drive, you
never told me lying was sin, all you just said was
don't be caught. I hate you for this....aaaahhh
h.....aaahhhh....aaa am dying again here but am
alive, the flames keeps getting hotter. I wish you
were here. You deceived me to the end. If you
had told me about Jesus and salvation I knew I
couldn't be here. I died only a few hours ago, I
was drunk and ran into a pole but it seems I
have been here for years. Please tell my family
and all our friends about salvation. Am dying
again but death wont come.
Its me, Emeka.
He woked up at about 2:45AM with a banging
headache and his phone started ringing, he picked it up
and what he heard scared him to his
bones...."Hello, Emeka is dead".
Today is still another opportunity to tell someone
very dear to you about Jesus Christ and His
saving grace. I just told you because I will never
want you to end up in HELL. This message is from a warm heart of Love and Care of a very concerned Believer please don't ignore it for one more soul could be save if you just pass it on. JESUS Loves YoU very much.

This 8 Things that make many people end up in wrong relationship. by sweethoney12(f) : 10:51 pm On Nov 25

Many married people are daily regretting and cursing their marriages. If you are
single, know the reasons why people marry wrong persons and end their marriages in bitter separations
or live to endure it.


Principle: Never marry someone
because you’re in
love. Falling in love is a state of
psychosis. It is the “delusion of
fusion.” Identify the
specific character traits you must
have in your
spouse and know clearly how to
asses for each one.
Background checks are essential, Be
careful to check out the family.
People from warm and loving homes
will most likely
be emotionally healthy people.
Chemistry means there is physical
and se xual
Compatibility: Looking for sameness:
backgrounds, culture, language,
etc. Temperament types are important to know.


The question you must ask is, “Can I
live with this
person the way he is now and be
happy with him?”
Principle: Never marry potential. This
implies bad potential. He’s a chronic smoker and drunkard and says he’ll change for you. This is bad potential. If he doesn't change you’ll resent him.


This is all about making sure the
energies are in sync. Men and
women each have
one core emotional need. Men want
to be respected. Women want to be
cherished, which means they want to be protected,
provided for, and guided. The ultimate
prerequisite for a man to get married is that he is ready to take responsibility. He has to be ready to be a “man.”


This means knowing what you stand
for in life: Your
values, priorities, and goals.
Ideally you should not be
considering marriage
until you've answered life’s most
question: What am I living for? Two
people who
have the same life goal have a much
chance of growing together and staying together
in a deeply bonded way. A soul mate
is a goal mate.
Principle: The more clearly and
narrowly we define ourselves, the better our chance of
finding the right person.
Tools: What are we going to build
together? What are this person’s life commitments?
What does this
person stand for? What is he
passionate about?

Becoming intimate too soon can be
because it creates confusion.
• It may create a false sense of
commitment and
• It may block you from processing
your feelings
which is soul-tie
• It may lead to overlooking
problems that should
not be overlooked.

The definition of an abusive
relationship is one in
which you are afraid to express your
feelings and

Other indicators:
• You don’t feel emotionally safe.

• You have to monitor what you say.

• You walk on egg shells around this

• You don’t feel relaxed and don’t
feel you can be yourself.

• The person is demanding,
controlling, or
communicates with anger and


A positive emotional connection
does not mean you are in love.
Five questions to evaluate if you have a positive emotional connection:

1. Do I respect and admire this

2. Do I trust this person in every
way and feel I can
rely on his or her judgment?

3. Do I feel totally safe with this
person (like I feel
with my best friend)?

4. Do I truly care about this person
and have a
desire to give to him or her?

5. Are we open and honest with each
other about our feelings and opinions Your greatest tool for measuring the quality of the relationship is your feelings.
Principle: Never dismiss anything
that bothers you!
Process everything that bothers you.

This is very important: You must be
sure before you get married that the two of you communicate well.

Good communication means:
1. We can talk openly and honestly
about our feelings.

2. We listen to each other and make
it safe for each other to express ourselves.

3. There is no defensiveness.

4. We trust that together we can
resolve problems.

5. We have confidence in ourselves
that we can repair our breakdowns.

6. We work well together; we’re a
good team Principle: You must be able to repair breakdowns 100%, which means there is no resentment or bad feelings left over.One of the biggest mistakes people make is to believe that marriage will heal or fix their deep inner pain. In many cases, marriage will only make the pain greater and more unbearable!

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