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Re: ECHOng members, Can You Do a 'No S*x' Relationship? by samirah27(f) : 10:24 pm On Nov 11

Unilagqueen: I want us to be very honest and not comment as hypocrites. can you go buy a car and not test drive it before paying all its due cost??
Let here ur view about no s*x relationship till marriage.... can u cope?
. yes to be honest i can have a no s*x relationship.

Re: Amazing effects of cucumber by samirah27(f) : 7:36 am On Nov 13

obran: Amazing health benefits of having one cucumber per day

There are so many benefits embedded in having a cucumber and feasting on the goodness daily. In order to learn the educational values of this vegetable, it will be good for us not to focus on the carnal use of it.

Consuming cucumber daily is healthy since it is made mostly. The low-calorie vegetable is one of the most grown vegetables in the world. There are so many health benefits accrued to eating cucumber like every other fruits and vegetables.

This vegetable with a unique taste can be combined with many meals in order to tap from the benefits. Eating cucumber daily will keep you from being dehydrated since it is made of about 95 percent of water.

One should be careful in selecting the cucumber to be eaten. Pick the ones with round edges with a colour that ranges from bright to dark green. Soft cucumbers are not as fresh as the hard ones and this may affect the quality too.

Here are some of the reasons why you should feed your body with at least one cucumber in a day:

1. Promotes skin health
Taking one or two cucumbers daily will prevent your skin from getting dried. Cucumber is made mostly of water, it also contains ascorbic and caffeic acids. These compounds prevent the body from losing water. Cucumbers contain magnesium,potassium and silicon. This is one of the reasons why they are being used in spas for treatment.

2. Helps get rid of toxins
Another reason why you should always eat cucumber is because it helps detoxify the body. The toxins in the body get flushed out when you take this vegetable regularly. It also helps to dissolve kidney stones.

3. Good for a healthy heart
Cucumbers contain an appreciable amount of potassium. High levels of potassium helps reduce the chances of having strokes and other heart related diseases. Eat more cucumbers to increase the potassium levels in your body. They help in regulating the blood pressure.

4. Helps get rid of hangover
Having a bad day after consuming so much booze? You can get over the hangover by taking cucumbers as they are a good cure for that. The electrolytes contained in it will revitalize your body and jolt you back to reality.

5. Helps in fighting cancer
Cucumbers contain high levels of polyphenols like lariciresinol, secoisolariciresinol and pinoresinol. These substances help in fighting cancer.

6. Good for the eyes
Placing slices of cucumber under the eyes is good for you as they will help reduce the puffiness of the eyes and make you full of energy. It is useful in enhancing visual beauty. The vitamins contained in cucumbers will boost your immunity and keep you healthy.

. thank you.

Re: Best time of the day to have sex by samirah27(f) : 6:48 am On Nov 14

Lollybeauty: Scientist says early hour of the day like 4am is the best time to have Sex. Do you agree or what is your own opinion?
. early morn is d best time.

Re: What Men want From Women... by samirah27(f) : 6:59 am On Nov 14

obran: Interactive section for the week.

Noon everyone, let's attack this question with enthusiasm buoyed by our experiences.

Ladies, you can tell from your experiences,what do you think Men want from Women? Be bold and honest.

Guys,tell us what you want from women, Matured answers please.... Let's rock and roll....
. men want loyalty,respect,good s*x and good food,and support from women.

Re: 12 things you should never be ashamed of during sex by samirah27(f) : 7:18 am On Nov 15

dimexy247: Good news is that the majority of things we worry about during s*x are quite normal “side effects.” We must understand that if we pay attention to these small issues that usually worry us more than our partners, we will destroy the magic of the moment for which we love s*x so much.

That’s why clever people learn either not to notice such moments or to laugh at them. Because if we learn this, we will become free and will trust our partner more who learned this with us.

So, which weird things can make you feel shy, and should you actually pay attention to them?

1. Weird sounds

Yes, weird sounds can come out from anywhere: from your mouth or from other places of your body. All in all, s*x is the physical process. That’s why there is nothing weird if you completely give yourself to the process and allow yourself some breadths.

But many people are ashamed if something like this happens to them, and destroy the romance that they would like to feel so much. You shouldn’t forget that not only you but also your partner can emit such sounds. And if this happens even with him, why should YOU be ashamed of this?

2. The amount of time you need to reach an orgasm

If you imitate orgasms one by one because you can’t reach normally even once, then you should better stop doing this. Because your complexes and useless thoughts make you need much more time from reaching a climax than when you don’t think about anything at all.

3. Discussing what you would like to try in bed

It is 2016 outside, and the human rules his or her life and everything that happens around. However, still many are afraid of asking for something that we want to try in bed. And, frankly speaking, it is hard to understand – why?! The quality of s*x depends on this! And there is nothing shameful in the wish to get pleasure during the sexual intercourse.

4. Problems with excitement

Some men may have problems with erection. And this is not something they should be ashamed of and become dispirited. Very often our body and mind may be not in agreement with each other. And in some cases we «want» with our head while our body can refuse at the same moment. In this case, the prelude can help you. All in all, you may refer to a doctor if this happens too often. You in no way should be ashamed of this or become upset.

5. Impossibility to reach an orgasm

Very often, men or women (especially women) face problems in reaching an orgasm. And before trying to imitate it, try to start thinking about the goal of s*x and possibility to become closer to your partner or simply spending time with pleasure without concentrating on how important this process is for the Universe.

Such method yields its fruits: it will be much easier for you to relax during the sexual intercourse. And don’t forget that there is nothing bad if you don’t get on the peak of the sexual pleasure, because this is actually an ascension, not an immediate teleportation.

6. Wind

When your legs are raised up and spread wide for the maximum penetration, it is quite normal that you may have wind.

But if you think too much about this problem, you can’t completely concentrate on the process.

But there is nothing more important than it, is it? It is important to keep in mind that it is easier to laugh at everything that happens with us and turn it into a joke rather than worrying and being embarrassed because of this.

7. When you need a small break

Sex is always a training. A wonderful, bringing pleasure, but still a training. And this means that at some moment you may get tired and even exhale.

You will need recover breath, relax and maybe even refresh yourself. There is nothing you should be ashamed of in this. Actually, if you got tired even more than your partner did, then you tried harder, and this is worthy of respect.

8. Know how to say “no”

There are thousands of things that may happen during sex, and you may simply not like some of them. But you can refuse from them at any minute!

This will not turn you into a hypocrite, and you shouldn’t worry that your partner will consider you to be a boring person.

Maybe you are simply not ready for this, and probably may not ever be ready. If your partner can’t accept this fact, maybe your should think if he is worth staying by your side.

9. Body hair

If there is hair on my body, and this is not eyelashes, eyebrows or it is not on my head – it must be immediately destroyed with no compromises! – This is the opinion the majority of women stick to trying to be something like an ideal on the poster when they will have to bare themselves before making love.

Actually, more often this issue doesn’t play any role for your sexual partner.

10. How you have an orgasm

Many women and men confess that when they reach an orgasm, their neighbours can hear this, and even people in the passing by cars can. Talking about the sounds, rather than about their level, many are ashamed of their emotions.

But don’t forget that for many people, especially for men, sounds of orgasm of their sexual partner are already the perfect music, and the more emotional it is – the better.

11. Fantasies about someone

If during s*x you think about someone else but your partner, probably you should consider the possibility of changing this person.

However, there is nothing bad in closing your eyes and imagining a sex-symbol or even someone you know who excites you in some degree.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t love your partner. This means only that you are a completely normal person who would like to have s*x with someone who seems sexual for you.

12. Peculiarities of your body

Each of us has something he or she would like to change in own body and appearance: to lose weight or, vice versa, to gain it, to change the form of the nose or chin, make legs longer and hips – smaller.

But there is one detail: a person you have s*x with has the same concerns about appearance as you do. And at the same time you may even not know what he worries about so strongly.

That’s why you need to perceive your body as given and stop being ashamed of it.
educative. kudos to you

Re: HAIRY,TRIMMED OR SHAVED? by samirah27(f) : 7:30 pm On Nov 19

obran: Evening famz,lets get a bit naughty....

So I met this girl, one thing led to another and we try to making out, as I was about going down on her; lo and behold nah Sambisa forest I see. 😱😜
Which brings us to the topic tonight..


Guys/ladies which one do'u prefer Abi nah straight to nacking....
Is it hygienic to keep a hairy p.Part

Which one are you right now?
Sambisa forest or Sahara deserthuh?

Let's keep the comment rolling.....
. shaved.its more sexy nd clean. makes you feel confidnt abt urself too.

Re: Should A Lady Cook For The Guy She Is Dating? by samirah27(f) : 9:59 pm On Nov 27

sweethoney12: I find this very interesting to discuss here and I will go straight to the point.
I don't think its advicible for a lady to always cook for the man she's dating anytime she's visits him.if you visit him 5 times,u can cook two times or once for him. It is important that we ladies should know our place in our man's life.if you are his friend,you act like his friend and if you a re his girlfriend ,you act like one and if you a re his wife, you also act like one.
A woman is meant to be explored..if am dating/courting you and during the course of that I cook all my delicasies for you, what threat wil I give you when we get married?
I can't find myself loitering around a man's kitchen when am not his wife! What are your opinion ladies?
men are also free to air their opinions too...reasonable comments please..thanks
i agree with u. once in a while is nt bad. bt cookn evrydy u come,go to d market and all dat like u r his wife is nt advisbl.


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