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The Batman season 1 by Whizee(m) : 6:35 pm On September 8, 2017

The Batman season 1 poster

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Episode Guide


The Bat in the Belfry

air date: 2004-09-11

After stopping a heist by Rupert Thorne, Batman returns to the batcave to learn that all criminals in Arkham Asylum have mysteriously been released. Batman finds out that it’s a crazed clown named Joker whom released them, and he plans to make a blimp full of laughing gas to explode over Gotham so every citizen in turns into a lunatic. It’s up to Batman to stop him.



air date: 2004-09-25

Three mob bosses want revenge on Batman because he constantly took down their operations. They call in a very mysterious man named Bane to finish him off, once and for all. Bane may seem like a normal criminal, but he has a secret, a secret so powerful that it could destroy all of Gotham. After their first encounter, Bane easily takes down Batman, hurting him badly. Now, Batman must think of a new way to stop this menace.


Call of the Cobblepot

air date: 2004-09-18

After a strange vulture starts to steal diamonds and jewels, Batman decides to find out who’s behind this. It turns out that the crook is the rude and selfish Osward Cobblepot, aka Penguin, whom attends Bruce Wayne’s party. Alfred tries to catch Penguin for his misbehaviour at the party, but unfortunately, Penguin catches Alfred. Batman must find Penguin’s mansion and save Alfred, as well as defeat Penguin and return all the jewels and gems he’s stolen.


The Man Who Would Be Bat

air date: 2004-10-30

A flock of bats lead Yin and Bennett to Wayne Industries, where Bruce has a scientist named Dr. Langstrom working on a project related to bats. In truth, Langstrom actually develops a serum that can turn him into the “”Man-Bat””, so people will fear him. Man-Bat goes out of control and flies out into the city, feeding on animal blood.


The Big Chill

air date: 2004-11-06

Using his new ice powers, Mr. Freeze steals the most rarest and valuable diamonds all over Gotham. When him and Batman first cross paths, he tells the Bat he’s the reason why he’s a cryogenic monster. It’s because of a much earlier chase between them, which led to a cryogenics lab. He will stop at nothing to make Gotham his own personal domain, unless the Batman can think of a way to stop this menace.


The Cat and the Bat

air date: 2004-10-02

After ensuing in a lengthy chase with his new foe, Catwoman, Batman’s utility belt gets swiped. Now, with his belt in the wrong hands, Batman must figure out how to find the cat burglar before she puts his belt to no good use.


The Big Heat

air date: 2004-11-13

Batman meets Firefly, a man who dresses in a heavily-armoured fly ensemble and has a turbo-enhanced jet pack. Firefly breaks into numerous Gotham companies, destroying their technology, and takes to the skies when Batman arrives. As the Bat finds out, he’s no easy foe to bring down. Meanwhile, Bruce meets up with Mayor Grange, who tells him that he’s going to have to give his father’s charity work to GothCorp instead of Wayne Enterprises due to his lifestyle.



air date: 2004-11-20

Arthur Brown, an intelligent man now calling himself the Cluemaster, plans revenge upon the people involved in the “”Think Thank Thunk”” game show for letting his opponent win years ago. Can Batman stop him and save Cluemaster’s hostages?


The Big Dummy

air date: 2004-11-27

Arnold Wesker is a ventriloquist who controls Scarface, a living puppet that has a whole other personality. Together, they pull off bank heists and Scarface promises this is their final one. Scarface, along with two knucklehead muscles, plan on stealing a gold reserve from Gotham Bank. Batman tries to stop the puppet and his lackeys. Meanwhile, Alfred plays matchmaker for Bruce.


Topsy Turvy

air date: 2005-02-05

Joker is out of Arkham. He’s going after everyone responsible for getting him arrested, turning them into playing cards … with the Batman being his main target.


Bird of Prey

air date: 2005-02-12

Penguin is jealous of Bruce Wayne’s wealth and breaks into Wayne Manor. He kidnaps Alfred and ransacks the place while Bruce is doing an interview. Batman arrives to help right in time, only to get chained up by Penguin as well. Can Batman find a way out of this crazy mess?


The Rubberface of Comedy

air date: 2005-04-30

Joker’s back in town and has a new invention, Joker putty, that can morph anything and everything into rubber or putty. Meanwhile, Chief Rojas tells his Detectives to stop both Joker and the Batman once and for all, saying both of them have no place in Gotham.


The Clayface of Tragedy

air date: 2005-05-07

Leaving of after the previous episode, Ethan transforms into the monstrous Clayface by Joker’s putty. After having the whole town fear and loathe him as Clayface, he targets the man he despises the most, Chief Rojas. When Batman and Yin realize who he is, they will have to work together to keep Ethan from becoming anything like Joker.

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