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(Episode 15) Deaths In The Cathedral: A Tale Of Evil And Its Price! by tonyx4x44(: 3:40 pm On Aug 17

On Friday, Esther got back from school for the Christmas and New Year’s days break. She was in the vicarage’s sitting room, watching a late hour soap opera, when a whirl began to blow. The toads croaked, the sounds of the crickets were ear bursting. The night was misty, and the wind whistled. She stood up, stealthily tiptoed to the kitchen to check through the window, as she wondered what could be the cause of such a strange at such a period of the year. Her mother came out of the bedroom to check what was going on.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “what is it?” she asked looking a bit worried.

Esther: “it seems to be cloudy outside, perhaps it is going to rain tonight”. She replied looking through the window.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “hmmm, what kind of rain is that in December? At this period of the year?” she asked, moving towards the windows to bring down the folded window blinds.

Esther: “abi, since it is this stormy. And the wind is blowing violently as if it is going to rain”. She replied, facing her palms up.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “that is even by the way. You are still awake? Ó yá enter your room. It is already late” she ordered the girl into her room and switched off the television set. They bade each other goodnight and entered their rooms.

At about 1am, in the midnight. The wind became more violent, slamming the opened windows of the vicarage. The binds were yanked off from the window. And the frames of past deans of the cathedral hung in the living room were shattered on the floor. The dean and his family stayed up all night praying as they heard some weird sounds and cries coming from the garden few metres away from the vicarage.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “my dear” she tapped the dean who was fast asleep. “This wind is becoming more violent. And it has been blowing since last night” She said, looking worried.

Rev Ikukoyi: “just sleep, it is all fine”. He replied, turning to the other side and chewing his mouth.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “you are telling me to sleep as if this is the first time this will be happening in the cathedral. And you know this is becoming an almost everyday thing”. She nagged, and they heard the sounds of objects shattering on the floor from their room. “You see. Can you hear the sounds of things breaking in the sitting room?’ she said, pulling her own ears. The dean leapt out of bed to attend to the situation. Esther was equally disturbed in her own room she left her room and they all met at the sitting room.

Rev Ikukoyi: “okay, let’s check”.  He said, getting out of bed.

Mrs Ikukoyi: “you are also awake?’ she asked Esther as they met her in the sitting room looking around.

Esther: “Yes mummy!” she replied, with her voice trembling.

Rev Ikukoyi: “okay, there is much ado. Let us all kneel and pray”. He said and they all knelt down to pray.

At dawn, members of the church were arriving at the cathedral’s chapel for an early morning devotion. The Dean could not preside over the early morning service, so, the canon took over, and conducted the Holy Communion session after the prayer session.

Canon: “I am quite sure we all know why we are here this morning. Therefore, we have to pray with all of our might. We will pray with all the strength left inside of us for the church of God. That enough is enough of this untimely deaths amongst His people”.  He said, after the short worship session. “I want every living soul present here today to be in the mood of prayer”. He said, while he sang a hymn from the hymn book. “Pray hard. The effective fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much”. He said and there was a thunderous prayer session. The prayer continued for an hour as scheduled.

The Canon and the dean were going to the vestry to change when the dean narrated his night experience with him.

Rev Ikukoyi: “hmmm, canon, unusual things are happening in this premise. The Spirit of God seems to have departed from here. I don’t feel the presence of God like before anymore. There is more to what we perceive on the surface”.  He said, shaking his head, while the canon listened attentively.

Canon: “what is happening? What could be responsible for all the calamities befalling the church?’ he asked, looking bewildered.

Rev Ikukoyi: “I will keep saying it is a mystery which only God can fathom. I will show you something when we get upstairs”.  He said, as they climb the staircase leading to the Vicar’s office.

Canon: “what happened? Why are all these shattered and on the floor?’ he asked with his mouth wide open.

Rev Ikukoyi: ‘hmmm, the same way I asked myself this morning when I entered the office and met everything upside down. We were all asleep last night when this heavy storm began. It slammed the windows, the picture frames on the wall shattered on the floor and everywhere was full. We prayed all nigh till dawn. That is why I asked you to preside over this morning’s service I met this here on getting to the office to pick something from my table”. He said pointing to the scattered office.

Canon: “but, what could be responsible for all these? Is God angry with the church? Who has erred?” He asked looking amazed.

Rev Ikukoyi: “God is a merciful God. He will never do this to His own people. He is full of mercy” he said this to dispute the belief of the canon that God has invoked His wrath n the church for a wrong doing.

Canon: ‘hmmm, yes that is true. But..”

Revd Ikukoyi: “stop complaining and we shall keep praying to God and I believe He shall hearken unto our supplications. His ears are not heavy, neither are his hands waxed short. So let us believe in Him. Many are the afflictions and he shall deliver us from them all”. He prayed and they left the place for the vestry.

Canon: ‘hmmm, Amen!” He replied, heaving a sigh of relief, as he folded his hands over his stomach.


The DPO was addressing the police officers outside after an early morning parade.

DPO: “I believe this will be a call to order to everyone of us. Moreover, it is crystal clear that there is fire on the mountain, so, no more rest for us all, and the wicked shall know no peace until judgment is done. Not until the murderers of Inspector Mustaph are hunted and brought to book, no rest for any of us. We must ensure the perpetrators are made to face the music”. He said, standing before the assembly of the police officers.

Police Officers: “yes sir!” they all replied, giving a salute to acknowledge what he said.

DPO: “Sergeant Rufus should see me in my office” he instructed and left for his office, while the officers were at tension.

In the DPO’s office…

Sergeant Rufus: “sir, you asked me to see you”. He said, with his chest up, giving a salute.

DPO: “Yes, you can have your seat”. He said calmly, pointing at the chair.

Sergeant Rufus: “thank you Sir!” He said as he sat down.

DPO: “I called you to know how far you people have gone with your investigation. Or are you not part of the investigating team?” He asked, looking into his eyes.

Sergeant Rufus: “yes I am. We are making progress” he replied.

DPO: “Good. Who is the prime suspect?” he asked with keen interest.

Sergeant Rufus: “hmmm, we cannot point fingers now. But we have some persons on our list we are suspecting. But we are taking our time to do a thorough finding as we don’t want to reach a conclusion for now”.  He said, looking straight up.

DPO: “Okay, that is true. But who do you people suspect?” he asked stretching forth his neck.

Sergeant Rufus: “no other persons than Don and his cohorts”. He replied casually.

DPO: “Oh, okay. That is true. Very very true. But at the same time you can put your ears down, there might be unseen and unknown enemies too, you know”. He said like someone who had just discovered gold, putting the tail of spectacles in his mouth. “Alright, you can go. I will call on you whenever your attention is needed”. He waved his fingers telling him to leave.

Question: the police is hunting Don and his cohorts, what will the battle be like?

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