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Cent Remmy reacts to rumor he’s infected with Coronavirus - Interviews - ECHOnigeria

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Cent Remmy reacts to rumor he’s infected with Coronavirus by uzy47(m) : 12:55 pm On April 11, 2020

Hi Cent Remmy, we are glad to have you here so let’s kick straight on why you are here there is a video going about on social media of you been tested positive for coronavirus.

What do you have to say about it?

(First of all, I’ll like to inform Nigerians that I was never tested in the first place which still leaves me bothered on how and why Nigerians tagged me positively without being tested).

What really happened at the airport where the clips were gathered ??

(To be honest, I can’t really point out the cause of the attack I had that led to the constant cough & difficulty in breathing but I’m very sure it was just normal as it’s not the first time such will happen to me.)

What was your reaction when you saw the video online ??

(I was heartbroken when I saw myself all over the internet being tagged with COVID-19 without a test. Like seriously? Is this our own way of detecting who has the virus? Just by seeing someone cough, sneeze or sick?)

Well, a lot of people reacted that it was a publicity stunt, how true is that huh

(This part got me the most, to be honest. lol, who pulls such stunt at the airport? So disappointing how people could think of such cos there are medical professionals that attended to me inside the airport, does that mean the stunt was also planned with them or are they not professional enough to detect when such sickness is faked? I think it’s time we call a spade a spade & a shovel!)

Then Later on another video surfaced online where the Nigeria  police came to arrest you in your residence

(Yeah the video of the police in my apartment was true)

Was it related to the coronavirus issue or was a different thing that brought them to your house

(It was a different thing totally and for the record, I wasn’t taken out of my apartment or arrested)

How has this affected your career?? And how do you feel right now about all this drama??

(Hmm, The whole scenario affected my career positively and negatively. Making me popular is a positive effect on my career but the tag Corona is a negative one I must say.)

We realized you just dropped a video like few days after the scenerio was that plan before or just took advantage of the saga

(Omg, Put the saga aside, those following my social media pages should know I’ve been putting the Audio & Video for #aye on anticipation for quite some weeks even before the pandemic started getting serious in Nigeria. It has been on iTunes for pre-order 2 weeks before the saga so I’ll say it’s nothing but a coincidence!)

What’s your take on the global lockdown, how has it affected you and your music career

(Talking about the global lockdown, We were made to understand that it’s to avoid the spread of the coronavirus which I in my own opinion will say it’s actually one of the easy way to control the spread so it’s a good one for me although it affected my last release, the promotional plan my management had for the song couldn’t proceed cos of the lockdown but being alive and in good health has no comparison.)

Would you like to make a song out of this because we know how musicians are, you are found of making a song out of every situation

(Lol, interesting question, this is actually the most exciting part I love about music. It gives you the opportunity to express your feelings about situations through a song to the world. I made a song about all that happened and #CoroCoro is the title. You should follow my page @centremmy01 to know when it’s out.)

Thanks for honoring  us, please what do you have to say to your fans

(I’ll like to appreciate all my fans for standing by me all through this and to also advise that we stay safe, stay home #keepsocialdistancing and keep streaming.


Even At 70, I Still Cook Food For Myself —GUO  Cent Remmy reacts to rumor he’s infected with Coronavirus 




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