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"how i fell into temptation which lead to my greatest regret " - Religion - ECHOnigeria

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"how i fell into temptation which lead to my greatest regret " by sweethoney12(f) : 8:29 pm On Nov 20

“President! President!! President!!! She screamed at the
top of her voice. She needed to discuss some issues
troubling her with her school fellowship president. She
was sure everything will work out as soon as she
discuss with him. She ran towards his direction and
never stopped calling on him.
Solomon heard someone calling him from afar,he
stopped and looked back. With the look on the face of
the sister calling him, he was sure everything wasn’t
okay with her.. She caught up with him,she was
panting and sweating…
“Good evening sir, I am sorry for disturbing you sir, I
just have some issues I need to discuss with you sir.
Oh! My name is Aderayo sir, yes I know you don’t know
me, I am just a member of the fellowship.”
“Okay,sister Aderayo, well,you are not disturbing
me,its my duty to listen to every member of the
fellowship. What is the matter? Is it a discussion we
can go through while standing? Solomon asked.
“No sir, its quite long. I know its late already,it is
almost 6pm,but sir I won’t have rest until I say it out”.
Aderayo replied almost in tears.
Solomon thought for a while and said. “Alright then,
let’s sit over there (pointing to alog of wood not far off)
…. “I am all ears sister Aderayo”
“I will try to make it snappy sir”, she replied,trying her
best to compose herself. Aderayo narrated how she
had always being molested by her step father ever
since her mother got married to him when she was
just age 12. She explained how she was forced to take
an oath never to tell anyone.
Aderayo lost all the courage she had and kept the
molestation a secret,now as an undergraduate,she has
been finding it difficult to avoid se.x,she is never okay
until she meets with a guy at least four times a week.
She became addicted to it that she self-serviced
herself when there is no guy in view. She found it
more difficult to stick to a guy because she is never
satisfied…. Aderayo ended her story amidst tears and
asked for a way out.. She needed to be free….
Solomon listened to all her story without
interruption,as the fellowship president,he had heard
a lot of strange stories,he is always there to help them
overcome their problems.
“Hmmm, I am so sorry for all you’ve passed through
sister Aderayo, don’t worry,since you’ve come unto God
to ask for a way out,He will definitely help you. The
first step is,you need to become more dedicated to
God’s work. I will want you to always attend the
fellowship,during the week and sundays too.. Make
sure you answer the altar call next sunday.. Join a
work force and leave everything to God”. He paused
and then continued, “the Lord will see you through, let
us pray….
“Wow! Sister Aderayo,I am so happy with your
activities in the house of God, I am extra sure God is
happy with you as well,just keep up the good work. The
song you took today was really powerful,and everyone
was touched. I felt the presence of God in our midst as
you sang”. Solomon praised with all smiles.
“Thank you sir,all glory belongs to God,and I am very
grateful for all your assistance,may God reward you”.
Aderayo replied,joy written all over her face.
“All thanks to God sister, just keep holding unto Him
alone. He will surprise you abundantly”. Solomon
“Who is that? I am coming! Solomon half shouted as he
heard a knock at the door of his a room self contain on
a cool evening… “Ha! Sister Aderayo, how are you
doing? Please come in…….. I hope all is well?”
“All is well sir, I just brought you some food sir,and to
assist with some chores”.
“Food! Wow,that’s so thoughtful of you,thank you. But
there are no chores left. I have done them all in the
morning,thanks for the kind gesture”. Solomon replied.
“Okay then,just take the food, I will come for the plate
tomorrow”. Aderayo responded and left before he
could decline.
“Sister Aderayo,thanks for coming, you’ve been
bringing me food for the past one week, I am suddenly
becoming lazy to cook these days. Thanks for assisting
with my chores as well.”
“It’s nothing sir, I jst chose to, its my own way of
appreciating you”.
*her days were numbered, and she knew this was the
last chance she has to complete her assignment. Her
charms were enough to make a man fall,but Solomon
is just so stubborn and full of the spirit. But then,she
must fulfill her mission… Aderayo drew closer to him,
held his gaze and pushed him to the single bed in his
room. Yes! This was it.
Solomon lost control of his body as he felt warmth on
his lips…
“God! What have I donehuh Why am I so stupidhuh Ha
father I am sorry… Ha!!! God!!! Whyhuh?? Why me Godhuh
Why do I have to fall O Lordhuh? Solomon wept as he
recalled all that happened ten minutes ago. He can’t
believe he just had se.x with Aderayo. What was he
thinking? She left immediately after the
incident,leaving him more troubled… How would he
face her in churchhuh
It’s been two weeks and he had not seen her
around,both in church and outside. He forgot the
incident and continued in the Lord. He won more souls
and everyone looked up to him. He was filled with
“Doctor! Please will he be alright? He keeps loosing
blood..the more blood he takes,the more he looses.
Doctor I am scared”. Solomon’s mother cried as she
watched her only son turn into a living skeleton before
her. After being brought home from school,he was yet
to improve.
“Madam, he will…. *he was cut short by Solomon’s fast
and heavy breathing…before he could stabilize
him,Solomon breathed his last.
*The news. Of Solomon’s death spread all around the
campus like wild fire, everyone wept for the gone
hero…Lots of good words were said about him,
everyone believed he went to heaven, that was the
only consolation they had. The school fellowship pillar
has gone*.
“Where am I? Why is everywhere so dark? What’s
happening? What am I doing here? Somebody answer
*there was sudden lightness,and he saw a man in
white..sitting on a bright shining throne*
“So-lo-mon! So-lo-mon!! So-lo-mon!!! Why did you
forsake me? Why did you allow yourself to be tempted?
Why did you allow the devil to mock you? Why did you
forget all my teachings! Why have you sinned against
the Holy Spirit?
“Ha! Father! I served you all my life. I won souls to
your kingdom. I never departed from your words. I was
a light to all. I preached the gospel everywhere and
anywhere. I was a force to reckon with. I healed the
sick in your name. The dead came to life .. Father,how
have I forsaken you?
“Solomon, yes you did all these in my name,and
heaven rejoices over every soul you won. But you gave
yourself to sin. You committed fornication,and all you
did was to cry. You never confessed your sins before
me or men. You forgot about it all. You stood on my
altar with your sinful body. You saw temptation
coming and you didn’t flee….. Aderayo was only sent to
destroy your ministry, because you have caused havoc
in her kingdom… Don’t you know the devil is always
around,waiting for the perfect time to strike?. He waits
for the fall of men like you,who are threats to his
kingdom. He is always alert for loopholes,and you gave
it to him.
“Aderayo took time to get into you,and you allowed
her. She destroyed you by the covenant you had with
her.. Or have you forgotten every intercourse is a
covenant? If only you had confessed all and repented
fully….. Solomon…..
“But Father! You saw it all! I cried! I regretted it,why
should I confess again? You were there! God! It was
just once.. I never did it again!
“Yes! I saw it all,but all I wanted was your confession,
you kept it all to yourself.. It was once,but that was all
the devil needed to nail you. Solomon! You have sinned
against the Holy throne…and you have committed all
sins,for if you defile one commandment,you have
defiled all…. Go away before me you sinner! I do not
know you….
*immediately,Solomon saw beasts coming to get
him,he was being dragged into the lake of fire. He
cried the more and begged God for forgiveness.
“Father! Save me!!! Have mercy on me!!! I am sorry! I
never knew there was more!! I served you all my life! I
won souls for you… Help meee!!!!!!!
. Brothers and Sisters, it may be that you still do the miracles, go for evangelism, and do all manner of service to God, but always make sure that you are still standing on the track to heaven. The devil is so trickish, he can lay a 20yrs plan for a child of God and waits for the right time to strike. Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devils.(Eph 6:10-11) Please, let's not be carried away by the things we do for God, because, surely we will be rewarded, but let us always look inward to see if we have faulted in any way, because if anyone did not make heaven, though he worked, but his rewards won't be given him. Therefore, let him that thinketh he stands take heed lest he falls.

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Re: "how i fell into temptation which lead to my greatest regret " by faith(f) : 9:29 pm On Nov 20

hmmm speechless but tnks alot

Re: "how i fell into temptation which lead to my greatest regret " by Kemmykiz(f) : 9:47 pm On Nov 20

Its well. Its good to serve God. May He give us the grace to resist temptation in all ramifications.

Re: "how i fell into temptation which lead to my greatest regret " by chimadatony(f) : 10:19 pm On Nov 20

ѕo ѕpeecнleѕѕ вυт тanнѕ dear

Re: "how i fell into temptation which lead to my greatest regret " by adepeju(f) : 11:28 pm On Nov 20

So speechless

Re: "how i fell into temptation which lead to my greatest regret " by Phina(f) : 11:43 pm On Nov 20

Hmmm what a touching story, am speechless

Re: "how i fell into temptation which lead to my greatest regret " by charity55(f) : 8:21 am On Nov 21

God help us, running the race requires God's grace

Re: "how i fell into temptation which lead to my greatest regret " by damosh(f) : 2:10 pm On Nov 21

Hmm,God forgive us all



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