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[MEN] MUST READ: How to chat with a girl/woman and get her hooked - Dating/Serious Relationship - ECHOnigeria

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[MEN] MUST READ: How to chat with a girl/woman and get her hooked by teekay(f) : 11:46 pm On Jul 23

Is your chat boring and mundane?
(No woman is allowed to comment; if you do you might be verbally attacked so KEEP
This is too long for you, it's not for everyone — it's only for those who want to improve
the way they chat with women. PLEASE STOP.
You can never regret the contents of this gibberish, but I'm happy most of you won't
read it. Let the knowledge be only for a few.
Psychology of a Woman with a Whatsapp or Any Chat Apps on Her Phone.
The reason why a girl chats dirty with one guy and chats clean with another guy is
caused by the guy.
Re-read that line again (slooowly and allooooow it to siiiiiiiiink in youuuuuuuur braiiiiiiin).
When a girl notices you see her as a good girl, she'll act as a good girl towards you,
either online or offline.
(If you belong here, you're in trouble. Talking about s*x with her will get her angry).
When a girl notices you see her as a bad girl she'll act as a naughty girl towards you,
be it online or offline.
(If you belong here, you're in a good shape. Talking about s*x with her will get her hot
and ho.rny).
So, men are the cause why women chat the way they chat with them online and
Any man who chats clean and nice with a woman is a boring chat(ter). PERIOD.
Any man who chats dirty and humorously with a woman is a fun chat(ter). PERIOD.
Assume every girl is a naughty girl and chat humorously naughty with them and you'll
be surprised. I promise.
If you've been chatting a boring chat changing to this style over night will be surprising
to her. Some girls will be shocked , while others will be wowed. Start slow and take
one step at a time for the boring chatters. If she's a new bae, then fire down. First
impression matters.
Are you tired of reading? I heard Nigerians don't like to read. If you're one of them,
then quit for your own good .
(C'ya head u wan finish everything - badt baddo baddest).
Listen guys, I'll post some of my chats with women and I'll explain how women select
who to chat with. Women don't ignore my messages, they anticipate my replies which I
never do and if I try to reply it'll be after some minutes, hours, a day or a month;
sometimes a year. The lucky ones, I reply them almost immediately; but only if I'm
The games they play on men need to be reversed. When you have a lot of women to
chat with and they enjoy your conversation you won't be fixated on a girl's reply. You're
too busy to even remember she exist.
Solution to these problems
There are only 3 good girls/women left in this world and they are your mother, your
blood sisters and Keyshia Cole.
Despite how Churchistic a girl is, remember she's a naughty girl. Don't EVER be
deceived. The only difference is, she's more decent and more reserved, but her heart/
mind is naughty; all she needs is a good-bad guy who'll trigger her instinct in secret —
as long as nobody knows about it. Your phone and fingers can do the magic.
Starting from today see every girl as a naughty girl waiting for a naughty boy to
activate her naughtiness.
When you have these mindsets women will always reply your messages.
Note: You'll come in contact with girls that don't believe this sh!t, but deep down this
sh!t is real. Her inhibition is just too much and can be annihilated by a real man.
Boring Chat VS Interesting Chat
The rule here is use sexual+misinterpretation+humors [S+M+H]. Look for a key word in
her message or speech to trigger the sexual humor, then turn it upside down. Make no
sense out of it, but it'll make sense to her. Men are from Mars and women are
Remember Rule 1. Never give a woman a direct answer, except it's a capital NO .
(These replies will sound very childish to some men/women. It works in practical, but
looks stupid when teaching them. Whatever works, works. It doesn't matter how it
Let's Get Started
She : Hi
You : Hi or Hello or Hey. [boring]
You : Sorry, do you mean Hi-tension pole? No I don't sell it any longer. [fun] or
You : No, I'm not Hi(gh), I don't drink. [fun] ) (it doesn't matter if you drink or not).
She : Where are you (now)?
You : I'm in the house or... [boring]
You : I'm in Boko Haram's camp; we're doing a training there. Are you coming? [fun]
She : How was your day?
You : Fine. [boring]
You : Day break? C'mon can't do it till day break na! U want make my strength finish?
[fun] or
You : My day has broken. Please help me fix it. Take crew driver. [fun]
You : (My day don break — abeg come patch am for me). [fun]
She : How was your night?
You : Fine or Cool or Wonderful etc. [boring]
You : I'm not wearing any 'night gown.' I'm nakèd. You too like night, u be witch? [fun]
You : Night? My night is wearing a gown [fun].
You : Knight? No nightmare. [fun]
She : What are you doing?
You : I'm sleeping, eating etc. [boring]
You : I'm doing a goat. [fun]
You : I'm doing drugs. [fun]
You : I'm doing it from behind. [fun]
You : I'm doing exactly what I did by this time last week. [fun] Do you remember?
She : What do you do for a living?
You : I'm into business or... [boring]
You : I do hiring and firing squad, and you? [fun]
You : I do Boko Haram's recruitment; I know you want to join. [fun]
You : I do dogs, I do pvssy (I mean that small animal), but most times it depends on
my mood. [fun]
She : How's your family?
You : Fine. [boring]
You : Amily? No, she's not my house help. [fun]
She : Where have you been?
You : Sorry, I have not been around. [boring]
You : I've been to h3ll and back. [fun]
You : Bean? No, I don't like beans gimme rice. [fun]
She : What's your name?
You : My name is iLegend. [boring]
You : I lost my name during Nigerian/Biafran war. I'll soon get a new name. What's
yours? [fun]
She : Are you sleeping?
You : No, I'm not. [boring]
You : No, I'm snoring. [fun]
You : No, I'm dreaming. [fun]
You : No, I'm dancing shoki wanna join? [fun]
Note: After these childish chat techniques, you should chat some boring chats (the
matured way), then bring in the childish chat again, especially when she's asking you a
question you don't want to answer.
During bed time, ask her if she's alone? If yes, ask: Bae, I khow the color of the pant
you're wearing, but I won't tell you before you think I'm a juju priest. She'll insist you tell
her, then you say, naughty girl, "you're not wearing any panties." Then, change the topic
or ask: Bae, 'morrow bring all your dirty undies I'll wash them for you; though not free. I
just bought a new washing machine. Oh! Wait: which is your favorite color? Don't tell
me it pink o!? Else I'll spank ya ass.
Send all the questions woman ask you while chatting or during oral conversation and I'll
show you how to reply them in a fun way. You already know the boring ways.
The End

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Re: [MEN] MUST READ: How to chat with a girl/woman and get her hooked by Whatelse(m) : 12:33 pm On Aug 04

Good one there... but not all ds work on all ladies though. U 'll try to be naughty a times and some ladies will act as if they 're trapped in refugee camp hungry............even if they re naughty,they ll never show it.....girls been pretending since the era of adam and eve

Re: [MEN] MUST READ: How to chat with a girl/woman and get her hooked by Abdulafeez(m) : 3:35 am On Jun 01

I actually do most of the questioning, and that kills me. hw cn I go about it then



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