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Re: The Echong Family. by ibk55(m) : 7:26 am On Jan 29, 2016

Iboseoluwa Madegun

Tutorial: How to win Airtel Hit Million Promo by ibk55(m) : 7:29 pm On Jan 31, 2016

Airtel Nigeria started a promo to reward their subscribers titled hit million promo, and i want to show you how you can participate and win this promo, below is everything you need to know about the Airtel hit millions promo according to Airel Nigeria.

Hit A Million

This is a promo open automatically to all prepaid and zero-credit limit postpaid subscribers.

Customers do not have to subscribe. All they have to do is use their Airtel lines to call, text, or browse and recharge, and they could win up to N1m!

The more customers recharge, the more their chances of winning

Top Up Amount

Entry Points Awarded

1st charged event of day = 5

N 100 RC (100-199)= 2

N 200 RC (200-499) = 5

N 500 RC (500-999) = 15

N 1000 RC (>=1000) = 50

Every day, the first charged activityhttp://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UsAwj_9CWyI/VaivZ-2h8FI/AAAAAAAF68U/WNhuJTgu7Jc/s1600/mail.google.jpg of the day automatically gives the subscriber 5 entry points into the promo. Examples of first charged event include the following; voice call from main account, data browsing session, SMS, VAS deductions and top-up activity
Any additional recharges made during the lifetime of the promo gives points to the customer based on the matrix below:

On every draw day, all customers who qualify (ie have recharged or accumulated points per the above) are entered into the draw and winners are picked at random.
Every day for 60 days, winners stand to get any of the following prizes: N400 airtime, N5000 (cash or airtime based on customer’s choice), N100,000, N1million .
All cash winners (5k, 100k 1M) will have their points reset to Zero once they have won.

10 Celebrities Who Are HIV Positive And You Didn't Know It by ibk55(m) : 3:55 am On Feb 22, 2016

Magic Johnson

“I enjoy being the messenger for God in terms of letting people know about HIV and AIDS.” Magic JohnsonHe is one of NBA’s greatest players. In 1991, he told that he had HIV during his retirement with LA Lakers. His condition raises awareness to the public, especially since he published a guide entitled “What You Can Do to Avoid AIDS” to educate others. He also established a foundation named after him to support and fund HIV/AIDS research.

Mondo Guerra

A famous fashion designer and quite popular TV personality. He admitted his HIV status during the 8th season of Project Runway in 2010 where he had previously kept it secret to the public for over 10 years. Now, he has become an HIV activist and travels around the world to talk about his story.

Andy Bell

Erasure’s lead singer Andy Bell announced being an HIV victim on December 2004, but decided to keeping it private for many years before making this announcement. He has donated to charities and raises funds to support HIV/AIDS research.

Charlie Sheen

Famous actor Charlie Sheen told NBC's "Today" show that he was diagnosed as HIV-positive more than 4 years ago, and that a few people who knew it demanded a lot of money from him to keep the secret.Sheen, 50, said he is not sure how he contracted this terrible virus. Since his diagnosis, he has informed all his partners of his condition. He called it "impossible" that he had transferred the virus to others.

Ongina - Ryan Ong Palao

Ryan Ong Palao was born and raised in the Philippines. She likes to describe herself as a woman trapped in a man’s body. Ongina, her screen name, was born when she decided to join the reality TV Series RuPaul’s Drag Race. She was diagnosed with HIV in 2006 and decided to announce it in 2008 after winning the “MAC Viva Glam” challenge. Today, Ongina has a popular web series HIV+ Me, where she converse with other HIV-positive people about their experiences and troubles.

Nadja Benaissa

At age 14, she revealed being addicted to cocaine. At 16, she got pregnant and found out that she was HIV-positive. And in 2010, Nadja was found guilty of infecting her boyfriend with the virus.

Jim J. Bullock

You may remember this actor for his role in Too Close for Comfort. He learned about his condition back in 1985 but kept it a secret. He found love in 1990’s when his showbiz career was down & in 1996, he decided to return to hosting. That same year he lost his partner due to AIDS-related complications. Today, at age 60, he is a longtime HIV survivor through the help of antiretroviral drugs.

Strub is a famous writer and director of The Sero Project, an organization of people with HIV fighting against discrimination. He is also one of the founder of Poz magazine, a magazine for people with HIV/AIDS. Strub was diagnosed with this terrible virus when he was in his 20’s, but since then, he has been very active in making a big difference in the injustice of how people with HIV are treated.

Rod Daily

An online personality and star of films for adults, Daily, published via twitter that he is HIV positive on September 2013. He is said to be the second adult film's star that has contracted HIV. His announcement led to a week-long shutdown of the industry in San Fernando Valley.

“Even though I probably won’t die tomorrow, I can still live better today”- Tyler CurryA famous freelance columnist and a great fiction writer. He is the senior editor of popular online magazine that tries to fight discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS. He was only 28 when he found out he was infected by this serious virus. Since then, Tyler has become very active in writing about HIV, educating and challenging the way the most of people think about this virus and the people who are affected by it.

Culled from openstar.info

Lesson For All Guys: Shocking Story Of A Girl Who Intelligently Dated 2 Guys For Years by ibk55(m) : 9:57 am On Feb 22, 2016

Trust me, this story will shock you. I saw it somewhere online and decided to share:
I have s friend Marcos (not real name) who has been in a relationship for almost a year with Stella (not real name), and according to Marcos, Stella loves him to bits, he does too.

He met Stella when he went for his cousin's matriculation in one of the S/S Universities. Now, Marcos' cousin has a mutual friend with Stella, so along the line, they both became friends too.
Marcos will always talk about how decent Stella is and how proud she is to have him, and he will always point to her social media handles as attestation to this. Guys, Stella changes her Whatsapp profile pix about 3 times daily, with Marcos' picture or a picmixed picture of them together, with status like 'no one like you', 'with you its always different', 'you add meaning to my life'. Same as her facebook account where she always uploads Marcos' picture with captions like the ones above. Infact on his birthday, she almost wrote a documentary on Marcos detailing how he is the sweetest thing God ever made and uploaded it on facebook, Marcos was gushing. Dare t9o say, Marcos was feeling serenaded, of course a lady that can tell the world about you, and plaster your pictures everywhere is actually the one for you.
Just like most of us, Stella has an Etisalat and MTN line, the Etisalat she uses for browsing, the MTN for calls. Two weeks ago, Marcos' cousin called him with a certain Airtel line after which he asked her who the owner of the linbe was, she said its Stella's. Marcos never knew Stella has an Airtel line, he now proceeded to add this Airtel line on Whatsapp, and lo and behold the profile pix was that of Stella and a strange guy picmixed, with the status 'i miss you baby', with the hash tag #StellaBella (not real one). Instinctively, he proceeded to facebook to search for StellaBella, to his utmost surprise, it was her authentic facebook account diffrent from the one he knows (Stenz Stelle) with pictures of the strange guy everywhere, with some of them dating as far back as 2013. He now went back to her normal FB account only to find out that Stella has no single friend except him Marcos.
Last week he visited her in school without informing her, in her room he saw a small Tecno phone which turned out to be the one with the Etisalat line, to his further surprise, he found out that he was the only contact on the phone and whatsapp too, of course, while she uses her strange Airtel line for other people, on this strange Airtel line whatsapp, she also has the strange guy as her profile pics.
Reality started creepoing in, it now dawned on Marcos that his angel is a cruel manipulator. She intelligently created the FB and Whatsapp account for Marcos, using the DPs as illusion, without him knowing that he was the only one seeing those pictures, considering that he was her only contact on both accounts.
Marcos is a very intelligent guy, so we keep wondering how he was played so ruthlessly, and i ask myself why ladies will take such stress upon themselves just to make a f00l of an innocent guy, with full benefits attached.
The brutal truth is that Marcos has been living in a fools paradise, just like most of us.

Dear Men, Please Give an Honest Answer(Photos) by ibk55(m) : 4:18 am On Feb 24, 2016

Seriously guys, will you let her go through your Whatsapp?

Lagos establishes first DNA Forensic lab in Nigeria... by ibk55(m) : 4:28 am On Feb 24, 2016

You go, Lagos! The state is serious about crime fighting and has established the first DNA Forensic lab in the country. Read the press statement below...
"In furtherance of its commitment to the criminal justice sector reforms and take the fight against crime to a greater level, the Lagos State Government on Tuesday announced that it has concluded plans to establish the first ever high-powered DNA Forensic Laboratory in Nigeria which will take off within the next six to twelve months.
The lab, which would be called the Lagos State DNA Forensics Centre (LSDFC), when fully operational, would fulfill an unmet need for DNA profiling which is a unique forensic technique that is now being used all over the world.

Addressing journalists at the Bagauda Kaltho Press Centre in Alausa on Tuesday, the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Adeniji Kazeem, said the establishment of the centre was another eloquent testimony of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s sincerity and seriousness towards fighting all forms of criminality.

Kazeem, who addressed the media alongside senior officials of the Ministry, said Governor Ambode had been at the vanguard of the war against domestic, sexual and violent crimes, and that the centre was geared towards vigorous justice sector reforms.

He recalled the ground-breaking donation of equipment worth N4.8 billion to the Nigerian Police, the Light Up Lagos Project, and the recent solidarity visit of the Governor to crime flash points like the Isawo area of Ikorodu where criminals have been terrorizing innocent citizens, among others as further proofs of the Governor’s determination to tackle crime.

Speaking on the importance of the forensic centre, the Commissioner said the facility which would be driven by the Ministry of Justice with active support of the Governor, will focus on DNA analysis to support the justice sector in diverse areas such as “collection and preserving reference and evidentiary DNA which can later be used in identifying criminals; decoding familial relationships of individuals which could also be a tool for the judicial system; and identifying victims and remains after natural and manmade calamities.”

Kazeem also explained that DNA profiling is an extraction of DNA from body fluids, semen, nails, hair and other DNA generic sources, adding that the centre would greatly help to controvert evidence of alibi and confirm physical presence of suspects at the scene of a crime and the origin of DNA to such suspects.

He said: “Even though the role of DNA in forensics, law enforcement and the justice sector is well known globally, a high-powered DNA analysis centre is not available in Nigeria. This means that most, if not all the DNA testing needs are performed outside Nigeria, a situation that leads to longer turnaround times and an overall higher cost of bringing closure to investigation and prosecution of crimes.”

He said when operational, the centre will serve the DNA needs of the state, members of the public, other states and neighbouring countries, saying it would be of international standard which all stakeholders including security agencies would benefit from.

On the areas of focus, Kazeem said the Centre would be deployed for criminal investigation to identify criminals with incredible accuracy and exonerate suspects mistakenly accused or convicted of crimes.

The Centre, according to the Commissioner, would also aid investigation on domestic and sexual violence cases, boost family and paternity proceedings, and help in identifying victims of natural and manmade disasters.

The Commissioner expressed optimism that the Centre would be a unique solution to fighting crime in the quest of the present administration for a safer and secured Lagos, adding, “Lagos is a unique place with a unique Governor who has continued and will continue to provide unique solutions.”

He further said the government was partnering with experts in the DNA field on the project, who would build, operate and transfer to government after about two years, a period within which the officials of the state must have been trained on how to run the Centre.

Fielding questions on the challenge of collecting database for the centre, Kazeem said data collated along the line, would be stored, and that other government ministries, departments and agencies would equally collaborate with the Ministry of Justice to effectively deliver on the mandate of the Centre.

FEBRUARY 23, 2016

Re: Whatsapp to discontinue support on both blackberry and nokia phones by ibk55(m) : 10:04 am On Feb 29, 2016

Bros, I totally agree with you. What is now the way forward?

Re: This post is for Guys who want Ladies for Serious relationship in any part of Naija by ibk55(m) : 5:08 pm On Mar 28, 2016

Alright you can as well inbox me your number so as to get in touch with you

Photos: Ooni Of Ife Lands In Lagos In His Rolls Royce For Tinubu's Birthday by ibk55(m) : 8:29 pm On Mar 29, 2016

The Ooni Of Ife, Oba Enitan Adeyeye Ogunwusi, was spotted making a grand entrance to Lagos State for Bola Tinubu's 64th birthday party celebration billed for today.

More pictures:

You Made Me Shine Like This - Wizkid Eulogizes Banky W On Birthday by ibk55(m) : 9:11 pm On Mar 29, 2016

The former EME star has not forgotten how he rose to fame shortly after Banky W signed him into EME record label.
He wished his former boss a happy birthday with a special message.

NDLEA Intercepts Letter With Heroin In Lagos (Photo) by ibk55(m) : 9:45 pm On Mar 29, 2016

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on Monday said it had intercepted a letter laden with heroin in Lagos.

Mr Mitchell Ofoyeju, the agency’s spokesman, said the letter was sent from Bangalore, India, via Express Mail Service (EMS). It was addressed to one Mr Yunusa Amusan, 33, in Mushin, Lagos.

“Upon interception by the NDLEA, about 480 grammes of powdery substance that tested positive for heroin, was found inside the letter.

“The thin parcels of heroin were carefully hidden in the letter in a manner that makes it difficult to detect.

“This is the first case of heroin letter discovered by the anti-narcotic agency this year,’’ he said.

Chairman of the agency, Mr Muhammad Abdallah, said that the arrest was recorded following the diversification of the agency’s operations.

The NDLEA boss added that investigations revealed that the suspect, already in custody, allegedly connived with his uncle, who lives in India, to import heroin disguised as letters to Nigeria.

“The operations of the agency have been diversified to cover mail services.
Drug control is an intelligence-led operation and the NDLEA, under my dispensation, will spread its tentacles to all possible areas of narcotic smuggling.

“We will not relent in taking deliberate and sustained efforts towards preventing drug trafficking under any guise in the country, be it by air, land or water,’’ Abdallah stated.

“Their criminal plan did not materialise due to the superior intelligence gathering capacity of the agency.

Mr Mabo Olugbenga, NDLEA Director of Operations and General Investigation, explaining that the suspect was apprehended following surveillance report on his illicit drug activities.

“The illicit smuggling of narcotic drugs under the guise of letters was reported and closely monitored by the agency.

“It was confirmed that Amusan was recruited by his uncle who lives in India, to take delivery of heroin concealed in letters, to avoid arrest by law enforcement agents.

“The suspect was arrested after collecting the letter and further investigation is ongoing,’’ he added.


Photos: See Fuel Prices in Different States by ibk55(m) : 5:56 pm On Apr 02, 2016

The National Bureau of Statistics has recently published average prices of petrol in Nigeria.

About Having s*x with Kunle Afolayan, Kehinde Bankole reveals the Unknown, Photo and Video by ibk55(m) : 5:58 pm On Apr 02, 2016

Kehinde Bankole has disagreed with the notion that actresses have to sleep with producers and directors to get movie roles. Kehinde, making example of herself playing lead role in Kunle Afolayan’s ‘October 1’ which won her the AMVCA Best Actress award said she did not have to sleep with the award winning director before clinching the role.

Watch full video below:

See How Omotola Ekeinde blasted Lagos Government and PHCN on Instagram by ibk55(m) : 6:01 pm On Apr 02, 2016

The very much loved Nollywood actress started #Dontpushme!!! hashtag as well saying:

Re: This post is for Guys who want Ladies for Serious relationship in any part of Naija by ibk55(m) : 8:37 am On Apr 03, 2016


do u want me to give u d number here? or u want to message me?
kemi pls a need a gud also for serious relationship. M a very gentle and simple guy. Pls should I message u too?

Re: Let's play this quick fun game, guys... Last person standing wins Free airtime by ibk55(m) : 5:47 am On Apr 11, 2016

First served

Re: Video: What is The Best Compliment You've Gotten After Sex? by ibk55(m) : 10:39 am On Apr 11, 2016

She told me am d best ever. And I gt blushing grin

Photos: How I Slept With 400 Men In 5 Months – 22yrs Old Lady Opens Up by ibk55(m) : 7:17 pm On May 25, 2016

Love, 22, and her 23-year-old sister, Happiness, were lured into prosti-tution sometime in January by their eldest sister, Mary. The lady also tricked a cousin, Joy Lawrence, 25, promising the three ladies that she could give them jobs that would help them make a decent living.

By the time they discovered that they had been trafficked, the victims said they had become trapped.
Mary and the hotel owner, Mrs. Akpojaro Rose, an indigene of Warri, Delta State, have been nabbed.

According to Punch, Joy Lawrence and another victim fled the hotel on Monday when they could no longer bear the pain they were subjected to.
Lawrence was said to have been brought to the Lagos zonal headquarters of the Nigeria Immigration Service, which then stormed the hotel and rescued other victims.
It was learnt that the ladies collected between N500 and N700 per sex, paid N200 per day for hotel rates, and made about N340,000 in savings within the period.
Narrating her ordeal, Love told Punch that she did not have any formal education because their father died when they were toddlers. She disclosed that she slept with an average of four men a day.
She said, “I was learning tailoring in the village. My sister told me she could help me get a job in Lagos; she didn’t tell me that it was prostitution I was coming to do. After we got to Lagos, she said we should do this (prostitution) job so we can make money to be able to finish my craft as a tailor. I sleep with about four men in a day and each of them pay me at least N500.”
Her elder sister, Happiness, also said she was not aware she had been trafficked until she arrived in Lagos and was introduced to prostitution.
“I didn’t go to school and I have not learnt any trade. I came to Lagos a few months ago. My sister didn’t tell me this was what I was coming to do in Lagos. She said it was a good job,” she said.
Lawrence, who fled on Monday, said she was told she would be trading when she left their hometown in Ogoja, Cross River State.
“I ran away because I didn’t like the work. I don’t want to do it again. I never knew this was the job.”
Mary Confesses
She said she did not want to bring her relatives into the trade, adding that she gave in to pressure when they kept asking her to take them to Lagos.
She said, “I came to Lagos with a friend in 2014 and my friend introduced me to this job. We were first using a hotel called Happiness Hotel before we moved to Morning Star Hotel in Sango Ota.
“When I traveled to the village, my sisters started disturbing me that they wanted to follow me to Lagos to go and work. When they continued to disturb me, I decided to take them with me; but I didn’t tell them I was into prostitution. I told my mother I was working in a beer parlour.
“Each of us makes N2,500 to N3,000 daily. We sleep with an average of three to four men and they pay between N500 and N700.”
The 32-year-old Mary said from January till May 16 when they were arrested, she had saved N340,000 for the three girls.
She said she wondered why they were arrested after she had settled some policemen with N150,000.
The arrested hotel owner speaks
Mrs. Akpojaro Rose said, “I warned Mary that the girls were too young, but she didn’t listen to me. I have 15 rooms in my hotel and I have seven girls, who were paying me N200 every day. If I had children of their age, I will not allow them do this.”
Mary and Mrs. Akpojaro Rose would be prosecuted.

Graphic: Policewoman Kills Bus Driver Over N500 Bribe At Igando Bus Stop In Lagos State by ibk55(m) : 7:24 pm On May 25, 2016

According to the eyewitness who took the photos, a policewoman attached to Igando Police Station killed a commecial driver who refused to part with a N500 bribe this morning at the popular Igando Bus Stop In Lagos State. Trouble started when the driver was stopped by the woman and he refused to offer the demanded money to her stating that he just resumed work. Following rough dragging and a push, the driver fell over and hit his head on the concrete reinforcement in the muddy gutters of the area.

On discovering that he was dead, the policewoman fled the scene and the DPO of Igando Police Station was summoned to the area. With the help of his escorts, he succeeded in dispersing the crowd which blocked the road with gunshots and took away the corpse of the dead driver.


Re: She needs Hot romance now in Abuja by ibk55(m) : 3:26 am On Mar 04, 2017

Am very interested. Kemi please give us her number.

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